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How to quickly clean your office
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August 31, 2017
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October 24, 2017

How to quickly clean your office

10. Paper

Why it’s messy: This represents the biggest issue when it comes to cleaning your office. For sure, on every desk can be found dozens of receipts, notes and other type of papers that are taking all the space.

How to organise: Start by sorting and organizing them in different piles and if you want to avoid wasting paper, just use it for the printer.

9. Pens

Most probably you have lots of pens, pencils and markers but only few works. There is no point of keeping them all. Keep the good few ones and toss the rest.

8. Paper Clips

Most of the people tend to buy lots of them as they are very cheap. However grab one handful and give the rest to one of your colleague. There should be more than enough of them. Buy a small box only for them.

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7. Dust

How is so dasty? Because of the paperwork it is very difficult to clean the desk but this still needs to be done at least once a week

How to sort it: Use a towel and a special product for the surface. You will leave it spotless in only 1 minute.

6. Clothes

Does your office have a shower? If you are using the shower from the office, for sure you must have bags with clothes all around. Take them home with you!

5. Presents

All of us receives cards, toys and other small presents from our colleagues. Even if they make you feel good, don’t make you office look like a museum.

How to Fix It: Put all of them in a box or small bag.

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4. Hardware

Most of the space it is occupied by the printer and computer. Don’t leave them until they look greasy and dusty.

How to Fix it: Clean them every week and they will always look as they are brand new.

3. Disinfection

Some recent studies showed that, generally, the office is dirtier than the bathroom.

How to Fix it: Remove everything from the desk and use a special product for disinfection. Use a towel to wipe and that’s it!

2. Office Supplies

Don’t overload your office with materials: it will make the space look smaller. Not to say that, sometimes it may become dangerous.

How to sort It: Choose one day of the month and reorder everything that you need.

1. Food

Try to avoid eating at your desk. It will make your office smell and look horrible; and if you can not resist to it, don’t forget to throw away everything at the end of each day.

How to Fix It: Make a timetable for everyone in the office for the washing up.

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