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4 ways to stop housework taking over
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April 4, 2017
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May 9, 2017

4 ways to stop housework taking over

Maintaining a clean and orderly house is no easy feat regardless of the size of the home or how many people live there. From grocery shopping and dish washing to doing the laundry and maintaining the garden, it often feels as though the work is relentless. Don’t feel overwhelmed or distressed by the never-ending list of chores and tasks, here are four ways to stay on top of it all.

Get your household involved

Unless you live alone, it’s not just you dirtying the dishes, sleeping in your bed, wearing clothes that need to be washed, or contributing to the general state of messiness in your home. Therefore, consider allocating a cleaning job to each member of the household or set up an agreed time where everyone pitches in and cleans the house together. Pop on some music for added motivation!

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Outsource cleaning tasks

Reduce the number of your cleaning tasks by hiring a cleaner to take care of cleaning your home? Even if you only have your house cleaned every fortnight, it will make such a difference to you, your family and your social life. Having a Zjcleaning cleaner do the vacuuming, dusting, mopping floors cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen will give you back your weekends to do the things that really matter.

A little bit goes a long way

Instead of feeling overwhelmed by an endless list of things to clean, break up your task list and try to tick off at least one task per day. You could also try creating a weekly cleaning schedule where you do a set chore each day of the week. Making a commitment to regularly clean and tidy stops your weekend being swallowed up by housework.

The Power Hour

If you feel like you clean better under pressure and have limited time or enthusiasm during the working week to think about chores, another way to stay on top of your housework is to have a ‘power hour’. Dedicate 60 minutes of any set day to become a cleaning machine. Turn off the TV, switch off your phone, put on some dance music and focus on finishing one task entirely before moving on to the next. Imagine if you and the entire family slogged away cleaning for an hour? The jobs would vanish in a flash!

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