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60 Minutes to clean your home and Look fresh- Find best cleaning Ideas
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December 1, 2017

60 Minutes to clean your home and Look fresh - Find best cleaning Ideas

Let's not get frustrated that a beautiful house that can be only seen in pictures or desktop wallpapers! Your home can do so if you have a mind to do. Try out some tips many home owners experiments and applies! All the best, it's just a matter of a few minutes.

Sometimes, it’s been a long time since you started thinking about cleaning your house completely and putting all things at the right place. But do you feel confused about where to get started? Do you want to put an end to search for clothes in the busy morning from the closet? Let's read some tips to get your house sorted.

1. Put the shoes on shoe racks (half an hour)

Always ensure you or your kids are not wearing the shoes into your house without any particular reason. This is the way that dust, dirt and microbes enter the house. Especially, when children are playing with muddy shoes. Even guests can even give this hint.

2. Clean the bed and bed sheets (two minutes)

Clean the bed thoroughly before you get out of the house. Clean bed in the bedroom will provide an elegant look.

3. Clean the bathroom (four minutes)

Cleaning your bathroom immediately after bathing with broom or brush will help the bathroom floor to get a neat look. This let the bathroom dry up quickly. Remove hair from the bathroom drain hole. If the shower enclosures are glass, the glass can be always glazed with sponge.

4. Wipe Bathroom Zinc (Three Minutes)

Keeping a cloth or tissue under a washbasin can take up a lot of water when the tooth brushing is over. The tooth paste will not remain in Zinc. The bowl will be always clean.

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5. Washing Kitchen Sink (5 Minutes)

Wash the kitchen zinc before going to bed at night. One spray bottle with vinegar, three times of water and soap can make it easy on your daily routine. Apply the solution and wash it with scrubber.

6. Cleaning with cooking (two-in-one)

Smart housewives can also clean the kitchen vessels at intervals of cooking. The used vessels can be removed and cleaned during cooking. Do not go to bed without cleaning the kitchen.

7. Family Cleaning (10 Minutes)

Please do a 'quick cleaning' before going to sleep. Keep the the dispersed toys, magazines, and clothes at right place. The family, including young children, can be part of this 'workout'. It will not take much time since all family members work together. In the morning, when you get up, you'll be happy with the good habits of your family.

8. Keep your cloths at right places (five minutes)

A chair that filled with all used clothes will be visible in all the master bedroom by the end of the week,. To avoid this hassle before leaving for the night to stay away, put dirty and folded cloths in place.

9. Open the windows (5 minutes)

Open every doors (both front and back) and window doors at least once every day. Let the sunshine, and wind enlightens your room. This helps to go out of dull air. This will make the house fresher.

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