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How is your relationship with your cleaner?
Summer 2017
June 15, 2017
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August 7, 2017

How is your relationship with your cleaner?

As our lives get busier, so many people feel the need of having the services of a cleaner. A cheerful, uncomplaining and efficient human, transforming your home and then disappearing in a cloud of sweet-smelling furniture polish. But, is it that simple?

The truth is, for most of us, who haven't been brought up to regard it as natural to have someone to clean up our messes, find it a difficult relationship. The majority of people who employ a cleaner find themselves frantically tidying the house shortly before she arrive.

Far from making life easier, then, having a cleaner seems to be saddling many of us with a load of extra work. Also, there is another problem. Unless handled very carefully, the relationship can become one where it is difficult to feel in control. "I don't know why, but I can't tell her when I'm not happy with her work" says mum of two, from North London. "If I ask her to do something and she doesn't do it properly, I feel embarrassed to point it out and so end up doing it again after she is gone. I wouldn't keep quiet if a builder or gardener did a bad job, but for some reason, it is different with a cleaner."

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How to have a good relationship?


1. Remember, your cleaner should be cleaning the way you want things cleaned, not the way she wants to do it. So:

2. State what you want. "It doesn't have to be written down, but I do find that helps,' says Denis. "Write out a list of jobs you want to be done weekly. Show it to your cleaner and ask if it seems reasonable to her. This way, both of you have the opportunity to set the boundaries for your working relationship.

3. Say how you want things done. For example, there is nothing wrong with saying: “When you vacuum I expect you to move the furniture, that is not too heavy, and clean under" if that is what you want. If the cleaner is strongly opposed, then she won't be right for you."

4.Also, if there is too many "won't do". If a cleaner presents you with a long list of jobs she won't do, then this shows inflexibility.

5. Also, reassess your arrangement if the cleaner is persistently late or cancels, or regularly announces she is finished early. This shows a lack of commitment.

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