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How to clean your doors
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March 19, 2018
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May 1, 2018

How to clean your doors

Doors can be the most neglected part of our cleaning routine and may seem daunting to tackle. Follow these simple instructions and ideas, you’ll be able to easily take care of all the doors in your house.

Before you start cleaning the doors

Remember to take breaks when completing a large, rigorous cleaning task. Wood doors will need a different cleaning solution than indoor, painted or glass doors.

Door Cleaning Tips

Start with the doors that are used the most. Front, bedroom, closet and bathroom doors. First, dust the doors before applying any type of cleaning solution. Jumping straight to wiping down a door will just spread the loose dirt and dust around, creating a bigger mess. Use paper towels when it comes to wiping down door surfaces, they wipe the best and don’t hold bacteria like sponges and other towels. Using a heavy-duty paper towel ensures that bacteria don’t transfer dirt and debris from one door to the next.

Front Door

Start with front door first, definitely it’s the dirtiest. Dust the door and get rid of as much loose dust as possible. Mix gentle dish soap and water to scrub down the door, and then dry with a paper towel. Take note of the door's paint/stain finish. If it’s a wood door with staining, use a furniture wax or polish to wipe down and give the door a beautiful, clean glow. And if you have a painted front door, make sure to use a diluted cleaning product that won't strip off the colour.

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Inside Doors

Start with dusting the doors and remove loose dirt and then get rid of any scuff marks caused by kids or animals. Then use diluted water and dish soap mixture to remove remaining dirt. Dry with paper towels. Test a small area of the door first to ensure the finish won’t react with cleaning products.

Glass Doors

Dust and remove loose dirt, wipe down with a diluted water and dish soap mixture and dry with paper towels. Then, take a household glass cleaner and wipe down both sides of the door with paper towels.

Shower Doors

Use glass cleaning products or white vinegar to remove soap scum. A quick wipe down with cleaners usually does the trick. Finish with paper towels and glass cleaner for a nice shine. Wipe down your shower door after each use to dry it off and limit soap scrum build up. A few seconds after each use will eliminate a longer cleaning process later. Use an old toothbrush and dish soap to get in the nooks and remove grime.

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