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What People Say About Us

by Douglas Griver on ZJ Cleaning Service

"Hi ZJ, Just wanted to say how good Vali is. She is extremely reliable, very good at her job and a lovely girl (according to my wife as I have never met her). I can certainly see the results of her efforts when I get home though. Thank you for your continued service."

by Elizabeth Kahn on ZJ Cleaning Service

"Hello, I just want to give positive feedback that Ana who you sent on Friday 23 March did a really good job, I hope she will be able to stay for a nice length of time. Thank you"

by Stephanie Woodrow on ZJ Cleaning Service

"We are very pleased with Laura and would like to give her a 5. She is reliable, cleans and irons to a very high standard and is very courteous. We couldn’t ask for anyone better!"

by Sue Gessler on ZJ Cleaning Service

"Constanta is an absolute 5, quite wonderful and we love her. Thanks so much for finding her for us."

by Linda Morris on ZJ Cleaning Service

"Gabriella would score 5. She is always on time, is courteous and cleans very well. She’s very helpful."

by Manju Malhotra on ZJ Cleaning Service

"Hi, Lavinia is fantastic! 5 out of 5"

by Gemma Blaskey on ZJ Cleaning Service

" Gabriela is wonderful. Polite, punctual and hard working. She has a very positive attitude and nothing is a problem for her."

by Abbie Woodrow on ZJ Cleaning Service

"Mariana is our cleaner and she is excellent 5/5. She is reliable and does a great job every time, including our ironing. She has a very pleasant demeanour and is professional."

by Sam Teper on ZJ Cleaning Service

"Angella has been excellent 5/5.  She is always helpful, very high standard of cleaning and work rate. We’ll really miss her when she leaves!"

by James Johnson Ward on ZJ Cleaning Service
"Mobili Domani"

"Laura is highly proficient with immense attention to detail, she never gets in the way and navigates every corner of our showroom effortlessly. Laura is always 1 step ahead of us in terms of our stock needs, cleaning resources are replenished before we even notice they are low and the cleaning operation as a whole is dealt with in a polite, professional manner. Laura is very good at what she does and upon her departure, the team are left thinking that they are in a brand new showroom."

by Darshna Kamani on ZJ Cleaning Service

"Angela is definitely one of the best cleaners we have - she has always been polite, courteous and done an amazing job. I would rate her a 5 and in my eyes definitely deserves an award. "

by Lisa Joseph on ZJ Cleaning Service

"My current cleaner,  Magdalena,  I would rate 5. She is very polite and cleans extremely well! It is a pleasure to have her come round,  and such a help for me. "

by Anil Saini on ZJ Cleaning Service

"Daniela Dragu we will rate her 5 stars. She is always on time, very professional and also very friendly with our staff. We absolutely adore her."

by June Cass on ZJ Cleaning Service

"Anna has just started with me and I like her very much and rate her 5."

by Leyla Cook on ZJ Cleaning Service

"We would give Viorica a rating of 5.Her cleaning is very good, her housekeeping is very professional and she looks after the house and pets well when we are out during the day (including taking deliveries) and is always very courteous and polite. She has our house keys and her own security alarm code so we trust her completely. Her timekeeping is impeccable - we can almost set our watches by the time she arrives for work. In fact over the 4 years she has worked for us I think she has been late only 2 or 3 times and on each occasion, it was because the tube between Edgware and Golders Green stopped between stations for an extended period and she was unable to get off."

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