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Things you should know when moving to London
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March 19, 2018
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Things you should know when moving to London

1. First of all – stand on the right! You will hear that announcement so many times when living in London, but please, do stand on the right when using escalators at the London Underground.

2. Try to find place for living as closer to your work as you can. It might look like it is not a problem to change few lines in the morning if you have just moved to London, but trust us, very soon you will get fed up and tired of spending 3 hours per day under-the-ground.

3. Mind that no matter how much you earn, rent needs to be paid without day late.

4. Visit all the free museums or galleries. Things you can find there are pretty awesome.

5. Find a park close to your house and don’t be lazy, go as often as you can. Relaxation in the park is priceless.

6. Do not pay for gym membership. Anyway, if you are new in London, you won’t have time to do training as you will work crazy hours, run upside-down to see new, beautiful places. It would be a surprise if you find time to sleep.

7. Get used to the millions of strange people around you.

8. Check the prices of food in different supermarkets. It can vary enormously.

9. Do not eat ‘take away’ each night. You’ll save a bunch of money.

10. Don’t give up. It gets really hard. Eventually, this is one of the most expensive cities in the world. But, they say if you survive first six months in London, you are the champion!

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