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Usage of Vinegar to expel spider from home
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February 20, 2018
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March 19, 2018

Usage of Vinegar to expel spider from home

Spiders are always an upset scene at home. But did you not see the result of your work to run them? But there are a few ways to help them get out of the home.

These can be tried at home. Cleaning every bit of home and windows is a tiring job. However, these methods will help to prevent spider coming inside.

Fruits containing citrus

Fruits containing citrus are always a scared stiff for spiders. Place the fruits containing citrus in places where they are found regularly. This will expel the spider forever.


Mix the vinegar with a little water in a bottle and spray it on the spider or where spider silks forms. This will make the spider run away.

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Karpoora Thulasi Oil

Karpoora thulasi oil has the ability to get rid of spiders. No need to worry about spiders if you spray it

Apple cider vinegar

The Apple Cider Vinegar is another best stuff to discharge spiders. Spraying this on corners of all doors windows and roofs make spider run away.


Nuts can cause trouble to spiders. Put it in the place where spiders come. Spider will not dare to come nearby once you place it.

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